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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage therapists are experts in manual therapy practice, especially in myofascial techniques such as deep tissue massage, fascial stretch therapy, trigger point therapy and more.

This personalised massage service combines techniques to help balance your mind, body, and spirit. It’s focused on helping you recover and sustain your fitness training while restoring vitality.

All sessions include an assessment, treatment plan, manual therapy, corrective movement, and reassessment.

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The Benefits of Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a powerful transformative treatment that stimulates blood flow and removes tension points within your body. Our massage therapists focus on specific and targeted myofascial techniques to help you repair, rejuvenate and recover.

Benefits include decreased inflammation, muscle tension reduction and increased joint mobility. Routine body maintenance ensures you can always perform at your best. What are you waiting for?

Remedial Massage - The Spinal Studio


The Treatment Process

Remedial Massage - The Spinal Studio


When you arrive at the studio, the therapist will ask questions related to your medical history to under your discomfort.

REMEDIAL MASSAGE - The Spinal Studio


Our practitioners will work through a full-body treatment that aims to alleviate the root cause of your pain with hands-on manual therapy.

REMEDIAL MASSAGE - The Spinal Studio


Once the session is completed, the practitioner will work with you on a long-term treatment plan to ensure the discomfort clears for good.

REMEDIAL MASSAGE - The Spinal Studio

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A Smarter Approach To Therapy

Our practitioners work with you in a way that delivers real results. Every detail matters. They collaborate closely with other treatment areas to offer complementary services to maximise your full potential.


A specialised hands-on massage that treats musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. It involves the use of deep tissue massage techniques to release muscle tension, improve flexibility, and restore movement. Remedial massage can be beneficial for a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches.

Remedial is a comprehensive approach that targets the entire musculoskeletal system, while deep tissue massage focuses on releasing muscle tension and tightness.  A remedial therapist uses a variety of techniques whereas a deep tissue massage only relies on deep pressure. 

Consider remedial massage if you are experiencing; including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches, or as part of your treatment/recovery plan to help prevent future injuries.

Medicare does not directly cover remedial massage. However, you may be eligible to claim a rebate through your private health insurance. The specific coverage will vary depending on your individual policy.

It depends on your individual needs. A relaxation massage is an enjoyable therapeutic experience and is often in an environment to suit. Remedial massage is designed to address pain and dysfunction rather than simply providing relaxation. We’re not a day spa, but it might still relax you.

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